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Today is a Fresh Start

Every year we are all guilty of it. We sit and ponder for hours, or maybe it's a spur of the moment decision to go for it.... We set the date get organized and two weeks later reality has sunk in and we are no closer to our goal than we were 2 weeks ago. 

New Years Resolutions... those statements we make December 31st, year in and year out to lose those last 15lbs, use that gym membership we pay for every month, read more and buy less. Regardless of what your resolution is, by Jan 16th it's often forgotten about once work or school startd and the ho-hum chaos of daily life returns. 

Despite our desire for change, we often set ourselves up for failure because we fail to plan just how we are going to get to our goals. But there are some key points to remember when goal setting to help you get there with success.

  1. Specific: this is where you list exactly what your goal is. Think about who is involved (you, your family or partner), what you are trying to accomplish, if there is a location (ie the gym for workouts,  the kitchen for meal prep), identify any obstacles that may stand in your way and why you want to accomplish this goal (health, sports performance, etc). Try to be as specific as possible for each area.

  2. Measure: how are younglings to measure your success along the way? Measurements or weigh-is, how your clothes feel, journaling your energy or performance?

  3. Attainable: How are you going to achieve your goal? Do you need specific equipment or space, do you need support from a coach or therapist? List what tools you need or additional thinks you need to learn.

  4. Relevant: Ensure that your actions align with your end goal. If you want to run a marathon by August maybe planning to play competitive lacrosse all summer may hinder your from reaching your final destination in time.

  5. Time bound: Losing 20lbs in 4 weeks or reading the entire Outlander series in 1 week may not be the most realistic time frame so set smaller goals to work towards. For example, if 50lbs in by August 1st weight loss is your goal set smaller goals of 5-8lbs each month (about 1.7lbs/week) to help keep you on track and not be overwhelmed by reaching your end goal.

By keeping these S.M.A.R.T. goals in mind you will be well on your way. If you still find you are struggling, then connect with someone or a team of people who can help you stay accountable and on-track. Even as a health professional, I rely on others expertise to get me to my health and fitness  goals (but more on that later). Sometimes, an outsiders perspective can help take the blinders off and give you that fresh start you need! 

If you're stumped with getting to your health and fitness goals, contact me and we can reevaluate your plan for success!  

Yours in health,  


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